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Ángela Jordá


angela jorda fundadora laganini


Our story

This story was born in 2023 from the hand of designer Ángela Jordá, who, after years of working in the fashion industry, felt the desire to create her own brand from the freedom of a blank canvas.

“I wanted to create quality, unique and special pieces designed for a woman who is an insider and passionate about fashion, who wants to have fun and express her own identity through it”.

A trip with friends to Croatia would mark a before and after:

On an island off the Dalmatian coast, and through the locals, she comes up with the concept that gives the brand its name: Laganini.

But what does Laganini mean?

Laganini is a local motto that means “take it easy”. It is an invitation to slow down, take your time, relax and enjoy the road.

Our essence

The essence of Laganini is design that is meticulous, timeless, ephemeral and contrary to the typical.

We are a slow fashion brand “proudly Made in Spain”, created between the intersection of timeless classics and the freshness and unpredictability of the new.


Laganini is more a state of mind than a way of dressing, as our motto “FEELGOOD DESIGN” reflects.

We are an ode to color, fun, mix of silhouettes and prints, diversity of cultures and passion for authenticity, creating a unique and distinctive style.


Good things take time: In a frenetic world of immediacy, overproduction and the habit of buying to throw away, we believe it is necessary to change the way we do things.

Our “Limited Edition” garments are committed to quality, cut and finish, and are made to last and evolve with you over time.

We want to do things well, slowly, Laganini…

Our goal

Our goal is to create products that make you feel good, that celebrate life, freedom and diversity.

Welcome to the Laganini universe