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Ángela Jordá


angela jorda fundadora laganini


Our story

This story begins in 2018 when, after finishing the Fashion Design degree and during a trip with friends, anchored in a cove in Hjar (Croatia) an idea was born, a concept that starts from a slogan that we heard endlessly among the locals: “Laganini”.

But what does Laganini mean?

Laganini is a motto of the locals that means “take it easy”. It is an invitation to slow down, take your time, relax and enjoy the road.

Years later, after several experiences in companies in the sector, and during a trip to India, everything reminded me of that concept that so deeply touched me.

Its fabrics full of vibrancy and colors, its patterns taken from the ornamentation of its architecture, its incredible cottons and handlooms that have remained intact for centuries, brought me back to that idea, that concept that I fell in love with years ago.

This is how the fusion between two cultures appears: East and West, with a common thread: the return to the origins, the enhancement of craftsmanship and traditional techniques, the vindication of another way of understanding fashion and the value of doing things well, slowly, Laganini.

Our essence

The essence of Laganini is the meticulous design, timeless, perishable and opposed to the typical.

Its prints, colors and spirit are designed for joyful moments and are an ode to travel, to the diversity of cultures and their craftsmanship.

All this without forgetting one of our maxims: the return to “Slow Life/Slow Fashion” which is our main mission.

Feelgood design

Under the slogan “FEELGOOD DESIGN” the brand launches “Limited Edition” garments working with the best quality raw materials brought from France, Spain and India, and with manufacturing “Proudly Made in Spain” with premises of ethics and transparency.

Timeless fashion that evolves with you

Our garments are committed to quality, cut and polished finishes, and are made to last and evolve over time with you.

Our goal

Our goal is to create products to feel good, celebrate life, freedom and diversity.

Welcome to the Laganini universe